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With so much to see and do, your visit to Ipswich and Essex will be fun-filled and unique, whether you’re a beach-goer, an outdoor adventurer, or a history buff.

Ipswich’s most famous attraction is spectacular Crane Beach, but be sure you also explore some of the area’s lesser-known charms. For instance, downtown Ipswich has some of the oldest houses in the country—the largest collection anywhere of these “first period” (1625–1725) homes. Two blocks from the Ipswich Train Station, you can visit one fine example—the 1677 Whipple House. Across the street, visit the 1800 Heard House Museum to learn about the life of a family in the 19th century China trade. You can also sample downtown Ipswich’s unique blend of dining and shopping spots.

As you ride to Crane Beach, enjoy the stunningly beautiful salt marshes; they are the prime habitat for plovers, herons, egrets, gulls, foxes, coyote, and deer. Along the way you can visit Russell Orchards, Wolf Hollow, and Appleton Farms. Crane Beach has over 5 miles of pristine, sandy beach— ideal for swimming, sunbathing, and walking.

In Essex, a visit to the Shipbuilding Museum provides a glimpse of the time when this town was the thriving hub of the wooden hulled shipbuilding industry in America. Essex is also an antiques paradise: look for treasures in American and international furnishings, art and accessories. Explore the Essex River on a kayak tour or Essex River Cruise. Treat yourself to fried clams, seafood, or other great dining at Woodman’s and other local restaurants.

One day is not enough! We hope you’ll enjoy your visit, and come back again
and again to savor the unique attractions of Ipswich and Essex.

The shuttle bus service that takes visitors from the Ipswich Train Station to some of the North Shore's most incredible destinations. Previously, these destinations were only available visitors who had personal transporation. Now, however, visitors may enjoy the area car-free and explore the abundance of recreational, cultural and historic attractions here.

The Explorer service is provided by the Cape Ann Transportation Authority in Gloucester, MA. It is funded by the Town of Ipswich.

Special thanks to Andrew Borsari
for the use of several of his beautiful Ipswich images.
See more of Andrew's work at www.borsarigallery.com
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